Technische Blogs

: Updates and addons
Today I updated the Drupal core of this site to the latest version. The last few days I also changed a lot in the way the site works, mainly the private parts of this site (sorry for people who have no account, you cannot see the changes). I created some views for easier content maintenance, mainly comments, also a view for people who have an account to see what content and comments got added or updated the last 10 days. I also added some rules so the old php code for the grid link in the photo galleries got obsolete, I now create these links via a rule when a photo gallery is added, and...
: 25 years of internet (Dutch)
Vandaag (zondag 17 november 2013) is het precies 25 jaar geleden dat Nederland aangesloten werd op de voorloper van het internet. Dit doet me toch even stil staan bij mijn eigen ervaringen, ik herinner me nog goed dat ik in 1995 met een 14k4 modem bij mijn ouders thuis zat, toen belde ik nog niet in op het internet, nee ik belde een BBS, en daar kon ik dan spelletjes downloaden of plaatjes of tekst berichtjes uitwisselen met andere gebruikers. Een spelletje downloaden in die tijd duurde gemiddeld een dag. Zo lang kon je natuurlijk niet in blijven bellen, dus ging je download manager gebruiken...
: Adobe
Read it, learn and weep. The learning part is cool, but for heavens sake Adobe, how could you do this?
: Poem written by a friend
This is something a friend of mine wrote, I found it really funny although I think you need to be a programmer to understand the humor in this: His mother a method, was ever so busy, She always did her job, never did she stop. But one day a status, she could not process, Caused her to throw him, propagating up. He did not know why, Never was he caught. An unknown exception, Propagating upward. No class knew how to, handled he was not, He might not intend to, The program did stop. This was written bij Enilias, someone I have known for years through IRC and also real life.
: Updates to this site
Last night and most of today I have worked on this website. As said on the front page there are now 2 types of blogs, the Tech Blogs and the Personal Blogs . I also added and changed 5 times the Facebook like button, I finally setled for the AddToAny plugin of Drupal 7 . After some fighting with views I managed to get the share/like buttons on the Drawings Slideshow page and on the blog overview pages. Next to that I have tweaked the style sheets for several parts of the site, changed all the URL patterns, created new urls and installed the Page Manager Redirect module to redirect from old...