Updates and addons

Today I updated the Drupal core of this site to the latest version.

The last few days I also changed a lot in the way the site works, mainly the private parts of this site (sorry for people who have no account, you cannot see the changes).

I created some views for easier content maintenance, mainly comments, also a view for people who have an account to see what content and comments got added or updated the last 10 days.

I also added some rules so the old php code for the grid link in the photo galleries got obsolete, I now create these links via a rule when a photo gallery is added, and remove it via a rule if a photo gallery is deleted.

For the rest I added some rules so I get an e-mail when someone leaves a comment, this was kind of needed because I often forget to check if there were any new comments which should be approved (or more often, deleted due to spam).

From now on registered users can also use Full HTML in comments together with the reconfigured Wysiwyg editer.

Thanks to the Crumbs module I finally fixed the breadcrumbs on this site, they went horribly wrong in the photo galleries, the drawings section and the private sections, now I can easily maintain a set of rules which generate the breadcrumbs perfectly.

And finally I installed a module which redirects to the login page when you go to content which requires user privileges.


Due to this I again learned more about Drupal and am now quite familiar with rules, actions and triggers. My love for Drupal keeps growing.


The only part I am still not happy with is the menu structure, I would like to have some options to generate menus sorted on content date automatically, there is no module for this except an extension to the Views module to generate menus, this works nice, except in the Suckerfish menu which I use. So, I am not really happy with this and haven't found a solution so far.