Bleach incantations

Dit zijn 2 incantations die ze in deze serie gebruiken, ik vind ze nog al grappig eigenlijk:


At the horizon of the thousand-armed one,
ye exalted hands of the darkness that cometh not,
ye archers of the heaven that casteth no reflection,
assemble not on the path that illominates,
nor clothe thyselves in the wind that fans the spark,
but behold this finger of mine.
Shot of light. Eight bodies. Nine stripes. Sutra of the heavens.
Diseased treasure. Great Wheel. Ashen turret.
As I fire this arrow, vanish yonder in a blaze of white radiance.
Hadou #91: Snju Kouten Taihou! (Way of destruction #91: Thousaned-Armed One's Radiant Heavenly Cannon)


En de tweede:


The crest of turmoil swells.
The vessel of madness grows insolent.
They boil, they deny, they become numb, they blink and they impede slumber.
The princess of iron crawls.
The mud doll ceaselessly destroys itself.
Unite! Revolt!
Be filled with earth and know your own impotence!
Hadou #90: Kurohitsugi! (Way of destruction #90: Black Coffin)