Changes on this site

Last few days I have changed some things on this website, most noticeable the block with latest content on the front page.

I also changed some other things:


URL changes

Now also directs to this site. Of course will also still work.

The old landing page is still available as default site for the other domains listed here (not really interesting):

And of course Share still works, although badly needs some attention actually, I don't really work on Howto's or projects at the moment so Share is getting outdated.
But Isis, you can finally stop complaining about having to type www. at the start of my URL Tongue out


Latest content and content by year

As said, I added a latest content block on the home page, this block contains a table with 5 views in it, Each view is for a content type and shows the 5 last items posted of that content type, each view also contains a more link to the overview page of that content type. Less apparent though is the title of this block, this contains a link to an overview of ALL content divided in nice quicktabs for each content type and sorted newest first. Next to that I made the same views (but no direct links) for (you can swap 2014 for 2001, 2005 and 2009 to 2014) which gives an overview of all content for that year. Not really interesting because anything before 2013 only contains Photo Galleries since before that I didn't actually do anything with this site.

This was fun because this involved making views per content type, capturing these in Quicktabs and using quicktabs to pass the argument (year in this case) to the view. I also found a bug in Quicktabs and a patch for that. I learned some more about views and quicktabs and passing and handling arguments.

Since I was working on views anyway I also generated views for other content types by year in the same way. like and, if correct this works for all content types. Of course this already worked for a while for the Personal Blogs and the Tech Blogs sections.



I also changed the menu structure. The links to the individual items have been removed, the menu got so long it needed a lot of scrolling and most people used the top links to go to the overview pages in the different content sections anyway. Also, the Suckerfish menu is very nice but so not handy on a mobile device. Maybe I should use a different skin for my site for mobile devices. Anyway, most menus (except Stories and Photo Galleries) now only contain links to yearly or monthly overview pages. Stories and Photo Galleries weren't big menus yet so I left them as is for now, I might change them too later on but for now it at least works and the new latest content block makes the site easier to navigate for most people I think.