Updates to this site

Last night and most of today I have worked on this website.

As said on the front page there are now 2 types of blogs, the Tech Blogs and the Personal Blogs. I also added and changed 5 times the Facebook like button, I finally setled for the AddToAny plugin of Drupal 7. After some fighting with views I managed to get the share/like buttons on the Drawings Slideshow page and on the blog overview pages.

Next to that I have tweaked the style sheets for several parts of the site, changed all the URL patterns, created new urls and installed the Page Manager Redirect module to redirect from old URL patterns to the new ones to keep backwards compatible. I have also recreated most of the views on this site to make the overview pages (drawings, drawings slideshow, blog, personal blog and tech blog) a bit more efficient and tweak some of them a bit with better styling. And finally I also added a module for migrating content from one content type to another, very handy if you want to split your Blog content in 2 new content types, this module is called Node Convert.


Update 08-10-2013:


Of course, in stead of making sure that I slept on time last night I couldn't resist working some more on this site. I now added an archive like menu to the blog pages, this involved creating a view and adding some custom JavaScript to my website. I used this tutorial as a guide but had to modify some parts to actually get it working the way I wanted. Next stage is giving this menu a bit more depth so you can not only see and fold per month but also per year, this will be done at a later time. I also updated the content editing options, this is only useful for myself of course, but trust me, it works a lot nicer this way.


Another update, a few hours later. I found a small bug in my collapsible blog archive on my blog pages, if the opened archive was longer then the first blog entry the blog entry would also resize. I tried fixing this within the CSS but of course I failed, all solutions I found included adding an extra div around the 2 items, this is impossible to just do in a CMS like Drupal. Since both the archive and the blog overview are generated via views so I wondered if it wasn't possible to create a view with options table containing the 2 other views. After some searching I found the Views Field View module, this indeed did the trick. Of course someone with more CSS knowledge then myself probably could have solved the problem of actually positioning 2 divs next to each other without a container or wrapper div around them however, my solutions works and that's what counts, I will probably ask chasalin to help me try and fix it without a table (somehow I don't like tables in my site) but for now I have a working solution and I can imagine many uses for embedding views in other views.


Update 09-10-2013:


After some testing I discovered that a view as a field in a diferent view is very nice and handy, only not if the embedded view contains a pager, the pager never shows. I noticed some options of passing arguments but chasalin today showed me an easier way to do this with CSS, so now I am back to 2 individual blocks and some nice CSS thanks to chasalin.