Kekkaishi Outro

Weer eens een aparte japanse tekst, sommige stukjes spraken mij aan.


Wearing an expression that says I'm doing it for you, being enthusiastic across the table
Why do you tell me only dark predictions?
That's an illegal use of language
Trying to avoid an emergency, but nothing's happening
Can't learn anything (what's up with this?)
It isn't you carrying my future
It's me, that;s common sense
If I stay weak I can't go anywhere
Train me so hard I could cry
If you're grieving that a tough age is coming (if that's true)
Please don't spoil me more than you need to
Please please please
The smarts to keep standiong on an unstable world, I'll get them even if I bleed
You who're watching from far away
Strange that I'd want to hug you