Bleach outro 2

"Where can I find a heart

without a single scar?"

the wind asks me as it blows

smoothly past my ear.

I don't happen to have

a decent answer handy,

just that each of us has one life

which we should live to the fullest.

The shadow that struck me down

was just a little too blue,

and I heard it tell me to paint

the same summers's light a different way.

Let your drive to move forward

grow strong on this path you've chosen,

so that one day we can make each other shine again.

I want you to come to me without clouds,

so don't hate the rain.

I want you to speak to me without using lies,

because that just makes me feel lonely.

Your body exists so that it may carry the love

hidden deep inside it,


and ever

ever since the day you were born.

You and me and everyone, absolutely everyone,

are wandering, lost because we can't put it into words,

moving forward so that one day our feelings will cross the gap.