More changes on this site

As you can see I have made some more changes to this website. The new menu structure was quite beautiful but it didn't navigate very easy. So I created a new menu containing all content on this site, previously each content type had its own separate menu. Then I used the JQuery Menu module to export this menu as a JQuery menu block which I placed in the left sidebar. After that of course I disabled the suckerfish menu in the top except for the user menu for logged on users. I also did some restyling of the new menu, mainly the colors.

So now I have a working menu with several collapsible layers in it. Unfortunately I still cannot auto sort on published or created date in the menu so I still have to manually adjust the weigths of menu items, this still bothers me.


All of this sounds quite simple of course but I had to manually edit each item on this site to change the menu location. Luckily I have the menu clone module so I could clone the biggest menu as a start and work from there but trust me, that isn't the only big menu I had! This took quite a lot of time of boring repetitive work. Next I'll code something to do it for me Wink

Anyway, due to this the layout changed a bit, the sidebar on the right is now empty, the latest blogs block there became quite pointless and by having both sidebars filled the site became quite narrow. So I moved the latest drawing and random picture and the Sonad Ad also to the left sidebar.