SpeedyOn Monday the 19th of august (a few weeks ago by now) my old and sweet cat Speedy died. He lived to the ripe old age of 18,5 years old.

I miss him but I am also happy that he died in peace.

He had a tumor in his stomach which I discovered before he really had problems with it, chances that he would survive an operation at his age where very very slim so I decided to have him put down.

He died in my arms while I was hugging him, this was very hard for me but I could see he had enough and was ready to die, he kept purring and looking at me as if to say "It's ok, don't worry, I am happy to go now".


I have had Speedy since 1999, we loved each other very much, he was always sleeping next to me and often would sit in my lap as I was programming. I will truly miss him and frankly, typing this makes me miss him more, so I will keep this blog entry to a minimum.

One of my neighbors advised me to read this poem (Dutch but beautiful): http://www.annemarie-paragnost.nl/gedicht_de_regenboogbrug.htm


Rest in peace my sweet Speedy.


Very beautifully written Val. I know know much it can hurt to lose a pet who was very dear to you so I find this very strong of you. Speedy was a very gentle and sweet cat. I am very happy he became so old and without any pain. I know for sure he rests in peace!

Thank you.

You know i never react on blogs but this time i will.
I can understand your sadness when u wrote this cos it comes from the hart and these are words full of meaning and emotion.
In agreement with the above i am touched by what u write here and think its very beautifull.
Also i can say that:
"Yes, i've been thinking of you"
Nog maar eens: sterkte man