Anime teksten & spreuken

Anime: Intro Evangelion officiele versie
Dit is de officiele versie van de intro, inclusief het stuk wat er in de serie van af geknipt is. Deze versie is net wat anders als de ondertiteling van mijn versie weergeeft dus vandaar dat ik die ook even post: Young boy, like a cruel angel's thesis, Live up to be a legend... Even though clear blue winds Beat on the door of my heart, You just smile, looking straight at me Too involved in yearning for Something to hold on The innocent eyes still know nothing of fate yet. But someday you will notice On those shoulders of your There are strong wings To guide you to the far future. A cruel...
Anime: Intro Evangelion episode 5
Just like the cruel angel Young boy, become a legend Even though the untested breeze taps at the door to your heart You just look solely at me and smile So intent on seeking out that gentle touch Such innocent eyes, still ignorant of their destiny But someday, you are sure to realize that upon your back You have the wings with which to fly towards the distant future The cruel angel's thesis Soon you will take flight from the windowsil With your torrent ardent pathos If you are to betray our memories You, who embrace these heavens and shine Young boy, become a legend
Anime: Kekkaishi Outro
Weer eens een aparte japanse tekst, sommige stukjes spraken mij aan. Wearing an expression that says I'm doing it for you, being enthusiastic across the table Why do you tell me only dark predictions? That's an illegal use of language Trying to avoid an emergency, but nothing's happening Can't learn anything (what's up with this?) It isn't you carrying my future It's me, that;s common sense If I stay weak I can't go anywhere Train me so hard I could cry If you're grieving that a tough age is coming (if that's true) Please don't spoil me more than you need to Please please please The smarts to...
Anime: Kekkaishi Outro & Intro
Outro: The wind slowly passes thourgh a fimiliar town. Two people walk at the same pace as usual. After fooling around and laughing I saw that mature gaze I'd never seen before. It's all right if you don't say anything. Your feelings surely are not mistaken. Just move straight ahead towards something. I can't help just looking at you. Whether I'm by your side or not, there's a red string that ties someone with someone else. Intro (niet compleet omdat de vertaling niet compleet was): I will protect you (no matter what). I will only protect you (that's enough for me). I say bye bye to my...
Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho outro
De outro van Yu Yu Hakusho episode 64: Within a cracked mirror, I see your reflection, crying, crying, as you trace the narrow moon with your finger. Who is it that I am calling out to? It's the back of a love nowhere to be found. Over and over, over and over, I will tap at your window. With my back pressed by the acceleration of the night, it was as if a thread was snapping, and I just held on to you, held on to you, tightly. As you exchange your unbalanced kisses with me, come closer to my love! May bothe your tears and your sorrowful deceptions come to rest in my heart!