Kekkaishi Outro & Intro


The wind slowly passes thourgh a fimiliar town.
Two people walk at the same pace as usual.
After fooling around and laughing I saw
that mature gaze I'd never seen before.
It's all right if you don't say anything.
Your feelings surely are not mistaken.
Just move straight ahead towards something.
I can't help just looking at you.
Whether I'm by your side or not,
there's a red string that ties someone with someone else.


Intro (niet compleet omdat de vertaling niet compleet was):

I will protect you (no matter what).
I will only protect you (that's enough for me).
I say bye bye to my everyday life, fille with nothing but tears.

I have words in my heart I want to send to you. (secret romance)
In front of me is someone whom I don't want to disappear. (mysterious distance)
I can't stand to see someone get hurt anymore.

I wanne be your knight
I wanna be your knight (I want to become strong).
I wanne be your light
I wanna be your light more than now ( mucht more than now).
One day, we'll exchange 100% smiles with eacht other.