Knights & Rapalje in Odoorn

I went to the little village of Odoorn in Drenthe to see a play of knights fighting in a tournament, these people gave a really good show, it was amazing. They fought with real swords and had real lances, Imagine how much practise you need to be able to do that, make it seem real and still not hurt each other. They have earned a lot of respect from me. They also gave an awesome bird show with beautiful birds.
After the tournament there was a battle for the kids with foam 'swords', the kids loved it. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of this because my phone couldn't stand the heat.
After this in the evening there was a Rapalje concert, I really love Rapalje, the pictures here aren't the best but it was a really cool show, specially when they lit the pipes on the bagpipes, that looked awesome.
I have also added the photo's taken by a good friend of mine, he also took some pictures of me and my neighbour who was there also.