Parents 40 years married (2010)

These are some pictures I took on the trip we made when my parents were married for 40 years. We went to 'de wadden', I don't really know an English term for that, it's at sea where the water is reasonably shallow so you can walk (during low tide) in the water and catch fish and shell fish. The trip was on an old fishing boat with a good cook aboard who made our food immediately from the fish we caught and the shell fish we brought aboard. I skipped the shell fish but I liked the fish and the food he made. The people you see here are, of course, my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, their 2 kids (my nephews), my aunt, a friend of my aunt, and several people who took the trip with us that I don't know. Of course you also see the cook, his helper (a very cool woman from Amsterdam) and the captain/owner of the ship.