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Alleen daar kan liefde wonen
Uit een Suske en Wiske ooit, sinds gisteren heb ik hem in mijn hoofd: Alleen daar kan liefde wonen Alleen daar is het leven zoet Waar men stil en ongedwongen Alles voor elkander doet
Take my hand
Inspired by Bart Meijer : Give me a hand No, not to help Give me your hand To keep and hold for a sec Take my hand To just keep and feel Take my hand To feel the warmth Take my hand And feel the love Take my hand And just feel it Feel my love
I do not live I just exist People who don't live Might as well just be dead But I keep on existing While I have no life Somewhere there is the possibility of hope But does that really matter when you just exist? It might as well be over It might as well end here People who are dead inside Are not afraid to die Still I cling to that shimmer of hope While I just keep on existing It all seems so pointless and futile But I keep clinging to hope Like I have done for years And all it brought me was more pain, loss and despair I exist To be used, abused and taken advantage of Used by the people I...
Humanity, Fuck Yeah! - Part 1 - The Slayeaza
Inspired by the threat ' Humanity, Fuck Yeah! ' on Imgur . "So you want to know about humans and their history?" X'larr said to the young soldier. The soldier looked perplexed and said: "No ambassador, I meant to ask you to explain the extinction of so many old races. Five different races which each conquered big parts of the known galaxy became extinct in a very short time while at the top of their power." X'larr looked around and saw that most of the soldiers looked as perplex as the young one in front of him and some were even muttering amongst each other, no doubt thinking the old...
Ik kwam een mooie tegen op Facebook vandaag: Work like you don't need the money, Dance like nobody's watching, Sing like nobody's listening, Love like you've never been hurt, And live every day as if it were the last.