I do not live
I just exist

People who don't live
Might as well just be dead

But I keep on existing
While I have no life

Somewhere there is the possibility of hope
But does that really matter when you just exist?

It might as well be over
It might as well end here

People who are dead inside
Are not afraid to die

Still I cling to that shimmer of hope
While I just keep on existing

It all seems so pointless and futile
But I keep clinging to hope

Like I have done for years
And all it brought me was more pain, loss and despair

I exist
To be used, abused and taken advantage of

Used by the people I care for
And abused by the people I love

And most of all
To be abandoned or betrayed by the people I trust

Living is for people who have some future
It is not for me, I just exist

And cling to the useless hope
That one day things might actually get a little better