Walking under the moon

I walk here all alone in the moonlit park

A memory is walking besides me
A memory of happier and better days
A memory of walking here together
A memory best forgotten

Images float through my mind
Images of the last time I walked here
Images of love and joy
Images best left alone

Images and memories
Leading to frustration
And, if not left alone,
To rage and hate

I banish the images
And kill of the memories
I dare them to haunt me
And laugh in their face

They aren't worth my attention
Memories of people
Who don't understand friendship
Let alone they understand love

After clearing my mind
I find an inner peace
I laugh out loud
When I realize finally

Their loss is bigger then mine
For they will never again
Find a man willing to do so much
For so little

Who loves them
Just for who they are
And wants to do anything
Just to see them smile

For men like me are rare
Men who will go that extra mile
For a close friend
And even further for a loved one

Men who don't cheat or lie
Men who always help you
So it is their loss
Not mine

I walk here all alone in the moonlit park
And I am happy about it