Fotos: Parents 40 years married (2010)
These are some pictures I took on the trip we made when my parents were married for 40 years. We went to 'de wadden', I don't really know an English term for that, it's at sea where the water is reasonably shallow so you can walk (during low tide) in the water and catch fish and shell fish. The trip was on an old fishing boat with a good cook aboard who made our food immediately from the fish we caught and the shell fish we brought aboard. I skipped the shell fish but I liked the fish and the food he made. The people you see here are, of course, my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, their 2...
Fotos: Funny pictures for friends (2008-2009)
Two funny pictures for Dirk and one for Marciano.
Fotos: Some more old pictures (1999-2001)
Some more old pictures from my sort of student time, actually I just stopped studying but we (the people I lived with and me) were mostly still behaving as students. We tried running a company together with someone else who wanted to fund us but, of course, this turned out to be impossible when no one understands something of running a business and everyone spends his/her time coding on cool projects ;) We all still had a lot too learn back then. Any way, some random pictures of that time.
Fotos: Old pictures of me (1999-2001)
Some pictures of me from my student time when living with roommates. Some of these are very charming... NOT! And yes, I had my hair painted black back then (my ex loved that, the things you do when your in love).
Fotos: Cats and Rats (1999-2001)
Here you will find some pictures of my old cats and rats, there are also pictures of cats of my old roommates and my ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately the only cat still alive is Speedy . Buddy (fat cat of one of my roommates)