: Privacy on the internet
Well, we can be very short about that, privacy on the internet doesn't exist. No matter which site you go to, you'll get tracking cookies, sites that read your browsing history, targeted ads based on your search history and probably a lot more. The real question is whether this is a serious problem or not. For example, Google. Did anyone ever try to turn of the tracking in Google? It is possible, if you have a Google account, just log on to your account and find the option to disable tracking and targeted ads. I did this, you know what the result was? I suddenly got a shitload of ads for...
: Facebook Denied
Everyone probably saw the picture on the front page and to the left here, so yes, Facebook denied, why? Well, it's not as if I hate Facebook or social networking, personally I wouldn't want to put all my info on a site like Facebook but hey, it's not like what I do with this site is so different, I put loads of pictures here and give some information about my self and what I like or don't like. Now I even started blogging, it's not so different. So why then do I think Facebook is bad? Well, again, it's not Facebook itself which is bad, the things I get annoyed by are things like the story I...
Fotos: Speedy and Noobie (2011-2012)
An album of pictures taken with my old phone, so not the best pictures since they are taken with a phone, but still, pictures of my cats :)
Fotos: Dragons
Here you see some of my dragon statues (yes I love dragons, read the about section) and some of the decorative things I inherited when both my grandmothers died in 2012. The two-headed dragon is actually made by my mother , yes she is an artist.
Fotos: Swords and Bow
Here you see the pictures of my swords collection, these are mostly decorative swords which will break if you actually use them, one of the swords (the one in the middle in the sword rack) is an actual practice sword which won't break, this one isn't sharpened of course.I also have a bow and arrows (as you can see), the arrows are sharpened and the bow can actually shoot pretty well, not something to try in house or with people near.