Fotos: Elf Fantasy Fair
Pictures of the Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 near Haarzuilen (beautiful castle there, still want to go there some day to tour the castle). In the pictures you see me, my ex-girlfriend, the sort of ex-girlfriend/ex-roommate mentioned earlier and a very cute girl we saw there.
Fotos: KMF (2009)
Pictures of KMF 2009 (Keltisch Midzomer Festival or Celtic Misummer Festival), traditionally celebrated in the weekend closed to midsummer. I mainly took pictures of the birds they showed as you can see.
Fotos: Cats
Here you see (again) Jacky and Speedy , this time when I stayed in a student flat for 5 weeks because I had to wait for the old inhabitants to move out of my new (and current) house.
Fotos: Trip to Maastricht with my ex (2009)
A trip I took with my ex and her mom to the beautiful city of Maastricht. Her mom had to go there to meet someone so she treated us to a romantic weekend, it didn't help the relationship in the long term but it was a very nice weekend. Some of the pictures are taken in Antwerpen where we stopped for coffee on the way back.
Fotos: Cats (2008-2011)
Here you Speedy , Jacky (deceased), Loesje (cat of my parents, also deceased), Noobie and finally there is a lost picture of Tijger (cat of a sort of ex-girlfriend/ex-roommate). And the last picture is of course the big cat statue outside at my vet, it's about 2 meters high. I have added some more pictures, now you also see Schurk (other cat of my parents), Mio and Neco (also of the sort of ex-girlfriend/ex-roommate, not sure if I spelled their names correct) and the cat of a friend from the past, finally there are also a few pictures of cats which I saw in the street and which I liked, found...