Fotos: Swords and Bow
Here you see the pictures of my swords collection, these are mostly decorative swords which will break if you actually use them, one of the swords (the one in the middle in the sword rack) is an actual practice sword which won't break, this one isn't sharpened of course.I also have a bow and arrows (as you can see), the arrows are sharpened and the bow can actually shoot pretty well, not something to try in house or with people near.
Fotos: Holiday trip
Here are the pictures of my holiday trip with my mom, my aunt and a good friend of my aunt. We went to France where we rented a very nice house (as you will see on the pictures) near ste. Livrade-sur-Lot of the family Vlemming . Of course we visited a real chateau but I also spent some time rowing on the river and we went to some local markets where I couldn't resist but buy cheese, I love cheese. I also brought some special beers back for some of my friends, you can read about the beers at http://www.soleimiel-distribution.com .
Fotos: Elf Fantasy Fair
Pictures of the Elf Fantasy Fair 2010 near Haarzuilen (beautiful castle there, still want to go there some day to tour the castle). In the pictures you see me, my ex-girlfriend, the sort of ex-girlfriend/ex-roommate mentioned earlier and a very cute girl we saw there.
Fotos: KMF (2009)
Pictures of KMF 2009 (Keltisch Midzomer Festival or Celtic Misummer Festival), traditionally celebrated in the weekend closed to midsummer. I mainly took pictures of the birds they showed as you can see.
Fotos: Cats
Here you see (again) Jacky and Speedy , this time when I stayed in a student flat for 5 weeks because I had to wait for the old inhabitants to move out of my new (and current) house.